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welcome to - bass.party

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bass, party, boom, club, sex & dancing

what's this all about?

do you know the saying "bass in your face"?
well, this is the space for base in your face
we celebrate a bass party for all lovers of the low freuqncies,
massaging your ears, or at club, massaging your whole body.
dive in in our world of wonderfull base in your space, make your party with your favourite bass music, support the artists you like, and buy mp3
of your favourite drum & bass artis / musicans now!

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dubstep, edm, and drum & bass music!

use our serach function and you find any avaliable music related to
drum & bass, dubstep, house,
techno, edm, electronic, dancefloor, rave, but also any other kind of style
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bass.party - the space for bass in your face

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